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What's Webook?

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Why Webook?

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Webook is ideal for

Webook is ideal for

  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Company profiles
  • Leaflets
  • Magazines
  • Flyers

Webook is a new digital flip-through catalog.
It’s very easy to use, so your clients will always find what they want in a matter of seconds. In addition, with Webook, the pages flip almost instantly, making the animation very smooth and attractive. It can even be browsed on a smartphone or tablet. Therefore, it is an excellent way to attract clients.
In other words, Webook will make your catalog more appealing and accessible.

16-page Webook ⇒

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Because Webook will support your business, in addition to making it more accessible.

Easy to use
Webook is simple. It's easy to use for anyone, anywhere, anytime.
Less time and effort
You are in good hands, so feel free to sit and relax while we are working on your project.
Anyone can browse it
Webook can be viewed on PCs, smartphones, tablets…
By using electronic flip catalogs, you help the environment by avoiding unnecessary printing.

HTML5 Webook

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Base price$90+1page$13~

E.g. 16-page Webook ⇒


  • 1. Contact us.
  • 2. We will estimate the cost.
  • 3. Send us the PDF.
  • 4. We will send you the Webook.


Why us?

1. Experts on behalf of production.

We expertise in creating Webook through PDFs.

  Webook Other services
(Like PDF, etc.)


Easy to use

User friendliness

2. It is selected for ease of use.

Anybody can handle it. More than 1,100 companies are already using it.
86% of our clients answered that it’s easy to use in our survey.

Easy to use 86%

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Contact us : +81-48-753-9255